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Adam Osborne was born in 1939 in Thailand. and spent much of his childhood in Tamil Nadu in South India, in the ashram of Sri Ramana Maharishi, with his British parentsAdam Osborne was born in 1939 in Thailand and spent much of his childhood in Tamil Nadu in South India, with his British parents

Osborne moved to the U.K. at the age of 11 and in 1961 graduated with a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from Birmingham University.

He foud that he was not very strog at chemestry so he began with a new work...

He found that he did enjoy technical writing, particularly about the newly developing computer industry and in the early 1970s, Osborne was given the job of writing instructions for Intel's new microprocessor.
then he began to create his own company that was called Osborne Computer Corporation (OCC) .

Then he had have an dream to create a portable computer and he invented that and it was one of the revolutionaries inventos of the world he sold them in $2000 dolars and then he sold too many.

But then the big companys soon appear, especially IBM and Apple, was too much for Osborne and on September 13, 1983, Osborne Computer Corporation declared bankruptcy.

In the 1990s he returned to India, the land of his youth, and started up another company dealing with computer software.

Finnaly he died on March 18, 2003.

Little is known about Adam Osborne today but he will forever be remembered, however, as the man who invented the PC and followed his dream of a computer.

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